Be Known Make an Impression

stack of different color wristbands

ORDER 10,000



Be Known Make an Impression

stack of different color wristbands

ORDER 10,000


Printed Wristbands

Silk Screen Printed

rising sun karate wristbands in two colors

Debossed Wristbands

Engraved Lettering

Embossed Wristbands

Raised Lettering Silicone Bracelets

Embossed Printed Wristbands

Raised Lettering & Color Filled Bracelets

Ink Injected

Engraved & Color Filled Bracelets

3 field of dreams wristbands stacked on top of eachother

Blank Wristbands

Double Layer Silicone Bracelets

5 different color wristbands stacked on top of eachother

USB Wristbands

Wearable USB Drive

2 USB wristbands

Ribbon Event Wristbands

Durable & Waterproof

4 cloth wristbands

Custom Tyvek®

Custom Silk Screen Printed Wristbands

4 paper wristbands

Pan O

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Custom Silicone Rubber Bracelets & Paper Wristbands

Here at, we sell high-quality, 100% silicone personalized wristbands for all events and occasions. Our silicone bracelets are affordable and ready for you to customize. With our custom options, you can inscribe any message, art, logo, or brand onto the color wristband of your choice. Although they are referred to as “rubber” wristbands, made popular by the WWJD and LIVESTRONG bracelets, our wristbands are rubber-free. There are no minimum or maximum orders, so whether you need one or a million cool, custom silicone bracelets, we are more than happy to provide! With various wristband styles and types, our affordable wristbands make perfect promotional items to show support for a team, advertise for a brand, promote a cause, commemorate an event, or publicize an affiliation! We offer a multitude of occasion wristbands, including memorial, military, fundraiser, event, and cancer! More importantly, our affordable custom wristbands are popular items to help raise awareness! Check out our blog to learn more about all the causes we support. To own your own wristband, make sure to use the options above to customize your bracelet! We offer:

-Printed Wristbands
-Debossed Wristbands
-Embossed Wristbands
-Embossed Printed Wristbands
-Ink Injected Wristbands
-2 Color Ink Injected Wristbands
-Color coat Wristbands
-Blank Wristbands
-Custom Tyvek
-Custom size options
-193 different fonts
-Full-color options
-Thousands of imprint colors and Custom PMS Color Option

Need help? Our excellent customer service team will provide you efficient service to help you design and order now your dream wristband over the phone or through online chat. Visit our FAQ page for answers to questions regularly asked by our customers. Contact us for a quick response or reach out to our live chat support team!

Custom Wristband FAQs

1. Are your wristbands latex free?
Yes, all wristbands are manufactured with 100%, medical grade silicone and are latex free.
2. What sizes are available?
Wristbands can be manufactured in ANY size. The most common are small with a 7-inch circumference. Medium with a 7.5-inch circumference and large with an 8-inch circumference. If you need a larger or small size, just contact us!
3. Can I choose ANY color besides the listed options?
YES! We can manufacture ANY color in the Pantone color scale in solids, segment or swirled!
4. What is the difference between Debossed and Embossed wristbands?
Debossed wristbands have your custom message engraved into the wristband. Embossed wristbands have the message raised on the wristbands. Braille wristbands are embossed wristbands.
5. What is the difference between screen printed wristbands and ink filled?
Screen printed wristbands are colored message text wristbands that have been sublimated on the wristband. Ink filled wristbands are debossed first, then filled with the ink color of your choice!
6. What is the minimum quantity of wristbands I need order?
The minimum must order with is 100 units.
7. How long does it take to manufacture my order?
Typically, wristbands will take 10 – 15 business days from proof approval to get to your door!
8. How much should I sell my wristbands for when fundraising?
That is up to you! Wristbands are a great way to fundraise for youth sports and causes! An average fundraising price point is between $2 - $5 per band!
9. Are wristbands recyclable?
No, wristbands cannot be recycled.
10. Are there any refunds?
Replacements can be made if, and only if, the printing or manufacturing error is a result of All sales are final as this is a custom product.
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